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1Most people in the world today have come to understand the importance of actively involving themselves in the decision making process for the best type of treatment for their illnesses and disorders. It is for this reason that physiotherapy has gained a lot of recognition as being one of the most beneficial treatments. Physiotherapy utilizes the use of massages, exercises, postural corrections and education in order to achieve wellness. The residents of Mount Gravatt are very lucky to have a caring physiotherapist near them, that is, Vivo Physio. We deal with all kinds of injuries and disorders that can be corrected through the use of physiotherapy techniques.

Our Services
Our services in Mount Gravatt can be accesses any day from Monday to Saturday. We are open for this six days of the week, from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. The physiotherapy services under our profile include muscular and spinal checking and later adjusting them if any problem is realized. Also, we help in the correction of postures so as to relives pains and aches that arise as a result of wrong postures. Our Mount Gravatt Physio facility also helps in the treatment of all sorts of sport injuries and the rehabilitation of the body after one has undergone surgery.

Why Choose Us?
Service Customization
We do not have a predefined service structure that is used on every patients. Strategies for treatment are formulated once we have accessed and determined your problem and your needs. In so doing we are able to efficiently focus our efforts on addressing your disorder.

Traditional Methods
Machines are good, they help a lot through the treatment process. However, we believe that a hands-on approach achieves more that machines can. By the use of hand we are able to identify issues and get to parts that machines can’t.


Physio-Therapy for the Over-Eager Gym Enthusiast

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Physio-Therapy for the Over-Eager Gym Enthusiast

Venturing into the gym and working out regularly is going to have a very positive effect on a physique. The human body does react well to exercise. Muscles are going to grow when the right amount of stimulus is experienced. Fat ends up melting away when a good level of cardiovascular conditioning is undertaken. People new to the gym and working out may jump into their workout sessions with an amazing amount of enthusiasm, which is surely a good thing but it is a good thing to a point. Overtraining is not going to help anyone.

The Body Needs Rest and Recovery

Working the muscles a bit too much absolutely does not help the cause. In order to grow, muscles require recovery time. Working the same muscles too frequently during the week makes it incredibly difficult for the body to experience the necessary rest and recuperation. Similarly, doing too much cardio runs the risk of burning up desirable muscle mass. The body cannot always burn calories from fat and sugar when it is being over-trained. The metabolism may choose to feed on muscle tissue. The end result is a physique with decidedly less muscle.

Pain and Injuries

Over-training also creates a situation in which the human body ends up suffering from excessive injuries. Weakened and broken down, the ligaments and muscles are prone to tearing. People may choose to “gut through” the pain, but doing so makes more severe injuries unavoidable.

Time to See a Physio-Therapist

To much pain and discomfort is never a good thing since quality of life is going to be drastically hampered. To alleviate some of these problems, a visit to a physic-therapist’s office might be a good plan. Within a few sessions, some major improvements may end up being possible. Click on Mount Gravatt Physio for more information.

Get Relief From Aches and Pains by Visiting a Physical Therapy Center

More people are taking an active interest in becoming healthier. There are some new medical facilities designed to help assist people with the steps they want to take toward living a healthier life. This type of facility utilizes the expertise of professional therapists such as massage therapists and physical therapists. Centers such as Mount Gravatt Physio, can assist people who have pain due to muscular stress or who are recovering from recent surgeries. The service provided will be in keeping with what is best for the individual requiring physical therapy.

Help for Minor Aches and Pains

The professionals who work at the physio clinic are trained to help alleviate the aches and pains most people experience. The professional will assess the person’s condition and then perform the necessary procedure. People who have back or neck pain could be in need of a spinal adjustment. By adjusting the vertebrae of the spine, the person could feel immediate relief from their pain. When the vertebrae are out of alignment it places undo stress on the surrounding muscles and tendons in the lower back and neck. A postural correction could also help get rid of this type of pain by teaching the person the correct way to hold their body when walking, sitting and standing.

Help for Sports Injuries

A physical treatment center such as Mount Gravatt Physio, will also employ professionals who are trained to help with sports injuries. These injuries could include sprains and strains on various muscles and tendons. A deep therapeutic massage stimulates the flow of blood to injured areas helping them heal much faster. The trained therapists can also help with range-of-motion exercises to help strengthen injured muscles. All of the services provided through this type of facility are non-invasive, so they can be performed with little to no risk to the people who need them.

Therapeutic Services Available at the Mount Gravatt Physio Wellness Center


There are a lot of people who suffer from neck and lower back pain. This type of pain is usually associated with a misaligned spine. When the discs of the spine fall out of alignment more stress is placed on the surrounding muscles to keep the body balanced. One way to get rid of the pain associated with a misaligned spine is to visit a professional who can realign the discs of the spine. This type of professional can be found at wellness centers such as the Mount Gravatt Physio center. The purpose of this center is to help people manage their health through a comprehensive wellness program.

Adjustments for Spines and Muscles

Anyone complaining of pain in the neck or lower back will have a thorough check to see what type of adjustment would work best. If the professional technician believes the pain is caused due to the improper alignment of the spine, a spinal adjustment will be performed. When the vertebrae of the spine are moved back into position the pain instantly eases or vanishes completely. If the technician believes the pain is due to over stressed muscles, the treatment could be a deep, therapeutic massage. This type of massage works the deep layers of muscle tissue to stimulate circulation. Increased circulation helps release the pressure inside muscles, which relieves the pain.

People Who Benefit From Therapeutic Treatment

Individuals who regularly participate in sports activities will benefit from having their muscles and bones adjusted. People who spend a lot of time standing or walking at work, will also benefit from a spine adjustment or deep muscle massage. Not only will these treatments relieve the pain and tension associated with constricted muscles or improperly aligned bones, but they can also improve a person’s posture. Physical activities can be performed much better when the muscles of the body are relaxed and the spine is aligned.